Qbeing Technologies provides Quality education and providing web developer informations with tutorials and references relating to web development topics such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL and JQuery. We are providing a reference manual covering many aspects of web programming

Basic Skills

It is the Course for Beginners to know about the very basic skills of computers and to gain some knowledge win working with applications

BOOTSTRAP & Boilerplate

Learn a New Technology called Bootstrap and boiler plate here to upgrade your skills and be a smart Developer

Be A Developer

This Course Helps you to be a Web Developer with covering basics of HTML, CSS and JS


Teh Course Which Covers the GOOGLE APIs. The Trainign and Tutorial Sessions are there to make you run on the platforms of Google. Learn to Build Applications with the Google.


We teach you the core of Search Engine Optimization with Real Time Working and Examples

Embeding and Circuiting

This sessions helps you with basic Electronic and Embeded Designs. Learn, Do and Fix it

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